Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"Outdo Yourself" 2011 Reading Challenge

I'm the worst at knowing how to put a button on my blog entries, but if you look to my right side bar you'll see a direct link (I think) to The Book Vixen's blog for signups for this "Outdo Yourself Reading Challenge" for 2011.  Or I've placed a tiny one above.

I think this is an awesome chance again this year!  Yay!  Another year of book renewals!!! 

All the information you need to know will be at the Vixen's blog in detail, but suffice it to say that this gives all of us bibliophiles another opportunity to top our scores against ourselves from 2010, and to read even more books than ever in 2011. 

A tiny bit of "cheating" (my words, not Vixen's) is in the category of being able to count audiobooks.  I can't actually justify listening to a book as "reading" a book, but if you walk that fence and you can...then, it's fair game, too!  I say, go for it, ye young and foolish and bookish of this great millenium!

All of the books don't have to be reviewed, either.  I find it difficult to stop myself doing that.  Generally readers are also "wordy" people, aren't we?  Didn't your English teachers at some point call you "wordy?"  If you are only a reader and not a reviewer, you'll absolutely have a leg-up on us in this.

I believe we can't start until January 1st.  But, I'm going to start gathering my list asap.  In fact, which one of us self-respecting bookish types doesn't already have a stack set aside to start in 2011?

This year my resolution is to:
 1) continue to read more new authors' 1st books,
 2) read YA fiction more,
 3) give a bit of time to political and/or national issues author(s),
 4) decide who is the best of the Steampunk authors of the year,
 5) give an award to that 'punky author...request an interview too!

So, those are my goals.  My semi-full list will be ready shortly. But, let me just start with these:  I want to read about 80 books in 2011

I hope  you'll leave me your blog link and share some of your books to be read, too.   Now, off to finish "Death of a Beauty: Immortal" which review you will soon be reading on my blogs...I hope.


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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I am trying to gather my list of books to read for 2011 too. I have family time ahead, so it's looking like Sunday and Monday I'll be posting more about them. Happy reads and Happy Holidays! =)