Sunday, December 5, 2010

Steampunkish Jewelry by Talis Bijoux

I've just started designing Steampunk jewelry (and my photography is awful!) so I'm going to be showing some on my blog for the fun of it. 
This one above belongs to my daughter.  I named it:
  "I Remember the Paris Flea Market circa 2022." 

This is one I made thinking about a journey so it's called:
                               "c. 1944 Space Model Trip 3"

You will see if you click on the pictures that both have hands on them.  I love hands.  They are so beautiful to me as an artist and they say something about the trips we make through time and fantasy.  Our hands grasp and express, they sense and relay touch, they are beautiful to see and preceed us in most of our discoveries. To me they symbolize alot in travel and space...time travel and grasping the possiblities...  I incorporate hands in my Steampunk jewelry whenever I can.

My jewelry company,  Talis Bijoux is the place to see all of my jewelry, and while most of it is not of the Steampunk variety right now...I expect to be featuring more over the next few months.

Thanks for looking!

I remain,

Your Bookish Steampunk Dame/Deborah

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