Monday, December 6, 2010

Romance Goes Steampunk!


Katie MacAlister of Historical/Romance fiction fame has turned up the volume with a slide into the Speampunk genre...."a steampunk romance" is now available!   Oh, my!  I fear invasion of the love-drenched is not far away...   Here's a review below:

From Booklist

*Starred Review* Captain Octavia Pye is surprised to find an unconscious, oddly-dressed man and an equally unusually clad woman aboard her airship. There’s evil afoot in her world, and Octavia wonders if these two are pirates or secret agents. After an explosion in his lab, Dr. Jack Fletcher is shocked to wake up beside his sister in a Victorian airship, complete with a no-nonsense captain and crew, all of whom are outfitted in late nineteenth-century fashion. Jack thinks he has gone back in time; instead he’s astounded to learn that it’s the same day as the explosion. Caught in a parallel universe where technology is still at the steam engine stage, Jack finds himself pulled between a longing for home and an increasingly stronger desire for the intrepid Octavia. MacAlister hits it out of the park with this highly entertaining steampunk fantasy. There’s danger, adventure, romance, and lots of humorous moments as Jack and Octavia discover that the laws of love always trump the laws of physics. --Shelley Mosley
I happen to be a fan of MacAlister's or I would be cringing and worrying.  She is a writer who charms with humor and excellent writing skills, so I look forward to reading "Steamed."  I hope you will, too.
Let me know what you think about Romance writers dipping into our beloved Steampunk genre, though.  Not all of them are Katie MacAlister!
Your Bookish Dame/Deb

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