Monday, October 3, 2011

Steampunk Jewelry Artist~Dereck Maltez's Extraordinarily Weird & Wonderful Work!

Dereck Maltez Rocks Steampunk Jewelry Designs!

Red, Taxidemist's Reptilian Eye Ring w/ Copper Wiring and Gear

Steampunk Reptilian Eye Ring Screams Futuristic!

Mr. Maltez's Description of These Rings

 "...ring is hand made with insulated copper wire and electric copper wire, this is a craft, with a rifle Bullet Casings and mounted, glass taxidermy eye and gear from watch and bead.

The Dame's Point:

Visiting Mr. Maltez's "Wire Jewelry and Steampunk Jewelry by Dereck Maltez" on Etsy is an incredible experience!  I ran across the shop by a crazy happenstance this past weekend.  The jewelry designs jumped out at me because of his use of taxidermy, of all things!  What a genius idea for the perfect concoction of steampunk and sy-fy accouterments.

What I also love about Dereck's designs is that it reflects steampunk's vital genre grounding:  female and male equality.  Both men and women will look kranked in his jewelry.  The assortment of styles and pieces Dereck has mixes things madly.  And, his prices are too reasonable, with the rings shown above going for under $60.00.   That's just a steal. 

I Love The Heavily Geared and Sproketed Look of This One with the Jewel!

A Frightening Masterpiece of a Mechanical Spider--Pendant or Pin
The Spider's inspiration was the mechanical one in "Wild, Wild West" movie!

Dereck Maltez is the Dame's choice for Steampunk Jewelry Artist of the Season.  I hope you've enjoyed the tour of his creations and that you'll visit him on his Facebook and Etsy sites.

Dereck's Etsy Blurb:

"Jewelry Designer of the Steampunk Movement" :
Steampunk Rings, Bracelets, Watches, Necklaces, and more.
 Exclusive designs by : keoops8 and steamwire,

Visit Dereck Maltez here: (fans page)

In Conclusion :

I'm hoping to get an interview with Dereck in the near future with a forecast of his new designs for the Winter and Spring.  Can you see the influence of Florida beaches and sunshine?

*Please let us know what you think of his jewelry.  We'd love some feedback!


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  1. The red reptilian eye ring reminds me of Sauron's eye from the Lord of the Rings. You have a cool jewelry collection here, thanks for sharing!