Monday, October 3, 2011

Steampunk's Crankin' New Books ~ Steampunk Week Wonders!

The Dame Speaks of Steampunk Week:

These are some choices taken from Barnes & Noble.  One of the things I enjoy about this genre is the inclusion of strong women characters.  These books live up to that equation.  Bully for them in this 21st century!

...a weird Wild West story.
Complete with a dead, mangled Doc Holliday, horseless stage coaches and Wyatt, Women and the Boys
Steampunk style!

Steamy tropical environs of late 1800's where plague survivors take steamworks to flee vampire 2010 battles
Love and looming dangers!

Book 4 in the "Clockwork Century"
"Gandymede" the underwater war ship to end the war?
Cherie Priest is the womanpunk writer personified!

If you can't read one of these, at least think about buying a steampunk book this week!  Support the writers who are making this genre a stand-out for this generation.

What are your favorite steampunk novels of the year??


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